To keep the Lord's Church at Dalraida informed
and edified in this crazy busy world.

Our family magazine includes Bible study materials, schedules of events, and other information
to encourage the members, family and friends of Dalraida to be involved with the Lord's Church
as we reach out to our community and those lost in this sin soaked world.

The magazine that will help you and your family connect with the Christian family at Dalraida.

Instead of wondering what is planned or what you can get involved in at Dalraida, this magazine will lay out all kinds of possibilities for you and your family (whatever the size!). You can open the pages and read encouraging articles, find Bible study materials for you (and your family), and learn what events are coming up in the next quarter so you can get involved!

Church Events

Check out what events are scheduled for Dalraida in the coming quarter and mark on your calendars so you can be sure to be at everything.

News & Reports

Read about some of the events that have happened in the previous quarter and learn about some of the happenings of the congregation from reports from the members.

Bible Study

Find valuable Bible study tools, suggestions and plans for you and your family & learn plan what Bible classes will be available in the next quarter at Dalraida.

Kids Stuff

Each issue will include KidSing information and suggested Bible study lessons that go along with what your child will be studying next quarter in Bible classes.

Articles & Topics

Each issue will feature special articles, discussion topics and application lessons to encourage and challenge you in your personal Christian life and study.

Family Stuff

Get valuable tools for Bible study for you and your family and learn plan what Bible class you will be involved in next quarter.

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Fall 2016

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